[Book Review] - The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Book Cover

I recently completed Edwene Gaines' book about the four spiritual laws of prosperity. 

I will be 100% honest with you...I am not sure how to feel. 

On the one hand, I think Edwene does an amazing job of presenting amazing stories, important biblical reference, and new age thought to the reader. 

But I just can't help but feel it's missing something.

In this post, I want to quickly review the 4 spiritual laws and my opinions of each. 



Like most Christians, I struggle with tithing. Being a millennial I don't have a checkbook on hand and very rarely carry cash. Tithing for my wife and I generally involves emptying our wallets while sitting at church. 

This is far less than the 10% mentioned in this book. By us tithing this way we get the feeling we are doing it right but according to the book we are not and are missing the bigger picture and spiritual abundance that comes from following God's commands. 

I would love to get more clear on my views on tithing. 

What makes it difficult today is that a lot has been written by Christian thought leaders about the unimportance of tithing and how it is an old testament practice that we aren't required to follow. 

Regardless of your belief I still think it's a debate worth praying over and wrestling with yourself. 

The idea of an abundance mindset was my biggest takeaway from this chapter. 

Setting Goals

I love setting goals. I was curious what Edwene's advice was going to be in this chapter as I have spent countless hours reading and practicing setting goals. 

As I type this I can look to my right and see my yearly goals hanging on my wall. I go so far as to print my goals off and frame them. I want to see them every day. 

A lot of the advice given in this chapter is solid. Affirmations, visualization, etc. 

If you are new to goal setting it is a good foundation. 

If you really like the idea of goal setting I would suggest you go one step further and start reading more books about habits, human psychology, and how your brain works. 

Once you understand those, setting goals becomes easier. 


This chapter was a little tough for me to make it through. I feel as though forgiveness is so hard at times. 

It's one of those things you read about and shake your head knowingly like "yes, the Bible asks us to forgive those who sin against us."

But as soon as it happens, you just can't see past your worldly views and allow sin to take over. 

I didn't learn any breakthrough methods for forgiveness and found the advice to be rather general. 

Finding your purpose

This is a topic we all struggle with. At least I know I personally struggle with this on a daily basis. 

Here is Edwene's advice in a nutshell

Commit to something 100% and then find the confidence (knowledge, repetition of doing something, belief) to go out and do it. 

I have read other books about purpose like Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning" and a book about "Ikigai" which is the Japanese word for "finding your reason for being". 

I found those books more profound and interesting than this chapter. But again, it's a good reminder and a simple way to think about finding your purpose in life. Who knows it could just be the chapter you need to read. 

Wrapping it up

This book was a quick read and had some great stories. 

It challenged my thinking on wanting materialistic things in life and not being afraid to ask God for them. 

The biggest takeaway was having an abundance mindset and truly believe that God wants to give you these blessings.

But you have to be open to receiveing them and do what is asked of you. 


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