The Idea Behind The Name "Extol Project"

I am not sure how you found this website...but I am sure glad you did. 

You might be thinking what does the word extol mean and why did you decide to brand your idea with "Extol Project".

I knew I wanted to create a brand with unique designs that made people curious. Ultimately I wanted to the design to invoke the question of "what does that mean?"

I knew the brand had to follow the same logic. 

If I were to brand this idea with words like "faith", "Christian", etc. I knew it would remove curiosity behind what the brand stood for and what it represented. 

The word extol isn't very common but when I found it and the definition I knew it was perfect. 

The dictionary defines extol as "praise enthusiastically".

I wanted the brand to be the driving force in helping someone proclaim their faith in Jesus and their belief in one true God whose work isn't done. 

The second half of the brand's name came from the idea of thinking "bigger". 

I have big ideas for this brand. I don't want it to be viewed as just another "t-shirt" or "apparel" company. I wanted to help people who are convicted in their beliefs but struggle to express it verbally. 

I would love to grow a community of Christian's who are convicted in their faith but have a tough time expressing it, especially when challenged by society. 

In today's society, it's almost seen as uncool to believe in God. Extol Project wants to fix that. I want this brand to grow into something more than t-shirts and into challenges, fun community events, and find ways for local churches to connect with members who believe but don't have the strongest faith. 

I created Extol Project because I can relate to so many Christians that know what they believe in but have a tough time talking about it with people outside their family and close group of friends. 

If that is you, welcome to Extol Project. We are glad you are here. 




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