The Story Behind The Extol Project

If you are like me, talking about your faith can be a little uncomfortable.

You know what you believe in and you have a burning love for God but you aren't always sure of the right way to broach the subject with friends and family.

You want to challenge yourself and be more vocal about your faith.

But that’s easier said than done.

When I Rejected Jesus in Front of my Friends

My wife and I were sitting around the dinner table with a couple of new friends we had recently met. In fact, it was our first time getting together and sharing a meal.

Later in the evening, the topic of religion came up. What happened after that is something I will never forget.

I remember leaving their house so ashamed of myself for my lack of conviction. One of our new friends asked, "you don't believe in God, do you?"

I froze.

I remember feeling anxious, ashamed, and responding half-heartedly, "I guess so"

I desperately wanted these new friends to like me, I wanted them to view me as normal and not someone who was going to push my religion on them.

I distinctly remember leaving their house and promising God that I would do better, that I would stand up for Him like he has done for me...

And that I would help others do the same…

What is the Extol Project?

I remember talking with a friend about this shameful decision of mine... During the conversion, they told me about a mutual friend of ours who has her life verse tattooed on her wrist.

Evidently, she gets asked all the time about the tattoo and what it means.

Lightbulb. Moment.

What if I could create a brand for Christians that inspire their friends and family to ask them about their faith?

And thus, the birth of the Extol Project – with a simple, but profound mission: "Help Christians talk about their faith and belief in God."

Extol Project creates unique designs aimed at getting people to say "what does that mean?”

This is the starting point for you to talk about your faith and what you believe in – without all of the awkward discomforts.

Every time I wear my Extol Project shirt, it reminds me to not shy away or back down from the God I believe in. If someone asks me about my shirt, I am ready with a bible verse and an easy conversation starter.

After all, conversation – not controversy – is the goal.


The goal of this brand isn't to have overtly Christian sayings and symbols displayed for everyone to see.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I have found that if you wear an outward symbol of your religion, you will either not be engaged in conversation or judged by those who disagree with you.

The Extol Project creates designs that are trendy and unique conversation starters for believers in Jesus.

When you wear something from Extol Project, it is a reminder to follow God in your everyday life and to never back down from an opportunity to share your faith.


It won’t be easy. And the shirts aren’t for everyone.

If, for instance, you don’t want people asking you about your faith and you just want to silently attend Church on Sundays, then the Extol Project isn’t for you.

But, if your heart is on fire for Christ and you want to start conversations with friends, family, and co-workers about how God has changed your life, then we want you to join us on our mission. 

Consider wearing an Extol Project shirt and see if you can get people to ask you about your faith. Take it as a personal mission to never back down from the opportunity to proclaim the good news and share the story of Jesus Christ and God's plan for all of us.

You can find our designs here.

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